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Printing condoms and using them as corporate gifts or promotional items is exactly what you are looking for. Forget traditional corporate gifts such as pens, powerbanks and water bottles. If you want to make a real impression with your company, personalize your condom with f.i. your logo or slogan. Choose printing directly on the foil or printing on condom wrappers containing one or more condoms. All is possible and let’s face it, a condom always comes in handy. Make sure your relations and target group never forget you: With condoms, you show that you stand for safety and responsibility!

Printing the highest quality condoms

Write off condoms for business? That is possible through Corporate gifts are an important part of business and networking, so of course you can send those receipts straight to the accountant. And don’t worry about the quality of the condoms, they are CE certified. That means they meet European requirements. So you can confidently give away condoms with your own logo or slogan to colleagues, associates, potential clients, as well as friends and acquaintances. With your design on the condom foil from, they can enjoy it safely. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Personalize condom packaging through

Curious about the possibilities of making your personalized condoms? Then take your time as the possibilities depends on your creativity. Will you go from scratch and design a completely new condom foil? Click on our design tool and start your design. Do you already have a logo ready and just need to upload it? Arranged in no time. And if you lack ideas, you can get plenty of inspiration on our theme page. Are you opening a new branch? Would you like to wish all your colleagues a happy vacation? Do you have something to celebrate? Draw from countless other designs and come up with a condom foil that you actually don’t even want to tear open anymore. Whatever your nefarious plans, forge them together with

Options condoms printing

As a condom specialist, we offer many opportunities to use condoms for promotion. Consider:

  • Logo or message full color on the condom foil
  • Printed cardboard condom wrappers containing 1 condom
  • Printed cardboard boxes with a condom and sachet of lubricant
  • Printed cardboard boxes containing multiple condoms
  • Different brands of condoms
  • Vegan condoms
  • Key chains with condoms

You can go either way with us! Get in touch with your idea and we will be happy to think with you!

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