Frequently asked questions (and the answers!)

You must be the rights holder of the images you upload. Without explicit permission you may not use images created by others or depicting other people, . By ordering this product and submitting images, you are responsible for any permission you may need! For more information, also see the general terms and conditions.

Yes, the entire surface of one side of the condom foil can be used for your design. The background of the foil is white. If you design the entire surface in colors, some foils may have a very thin white border on one side.

If you order cardboard condom packaging, the outside is almost entirely available for your own design (except for a frame for the manufacturer info, see the template you receive from us after ordering or on request).

The size of a condom foil is 60 x 60 mm.

No, only one side can be printed. The back side is silver and contains the brand name, expire date, LOT number and CE mark. 

Yes, you can. But in that case you cannot use the design tool on the website. Order the desired number of condoms without creating a design on the website and email your ready-made images to Send the images as attachments to your mail (do not paste them into the body of your mail). Or use a service like WeTransfer. Always include your order number. 

We love extra service, so for condom foils with your own design, there are no extra costs up to 10 different images in one order. If you want more, it depends on the total number of condoms you order. We are happy to help you, just get in touch!

For cardboard condom wrappers, different prices and quantities apply. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Images can be emailed to

Condom foil: If you send images for printing on condom film, the images should be square and do not place small details/texts too close to the edges (at least 6mm from the edges).

Send your files (jpg, png, pdf) in a zip file or as attachments (do not paste in the text).

Condom wrappers: Your design for cardboard condom wrappers is always communicated by email. A pdf template is available for each package.

All our condoms have the legally required CE mark and meet all safety and testing requirements. Foil-printed condoms are from the world-renowned brand Pasante, and with condom wrappers you can choose from different brands of condoms. More on the safety and reliability of condoms.

The expiry date for condoms used for foil printing is March 2027. Different dates apply for standard condoms in cardboard wrapper.

Condoms used for foil printing are standard condoms with a nominal width of 54mm. It is not possible to choose foil printed condoms in other sizes.

When choosing cardboard condom packaging, there are several brands and types of condoms to choose from.

Almost all condoms in our range are latex condoms. However, it is possible to pack latex-free condoms in the cardboard condom packaging.

For the Pasante condoms (i.a. for foil printing), the manufacturer states, “We can confirm that the raw materials, additives and impurities used to make latex condoms are free of animal ingredients, but the condoms are not certified vegan.”
For the cardboard condom wrappers, we can fill them with different brands of condoms, including Fair Squared brand condoms which do have formal Vegan certification.

For condoms with your own design on the foil, the minimum number is 3 condoms. FYI, if you order more condoms the price per condom gets lower!

For condoms in a cardboard envelope with custom printing, the minimum order quantity is 250 condoms.

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Don’t worry. Design-Condoms are packed discreetly. We’ve got you covered.

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