Quality of printed condom foils

Condoms printed or a blank condom foil, quality is at the top of our list of requirements at design-condoms.com. That’s why we only work with the best brands and do all the condoms that we offer have the CE mark. This mandatory CE marking proves that condoms meet European safety and testing requirements. So you can have safe sex. The condoms we use for the personalisation of the condom foils are from the brands Pasante and EXS. Both leading brands from the UK, which are distributed worldwide.

The best print condoms at Design-Condoms.com

Design Condoms is part of Condoom-Anoniem.nl, the first online condom store in the Netherlands. Condoom-Anoniem.nl was created to make safe sex more accessible.. By always offering free shipping and making the entire ordering process anonymous. From inconspicuous packaging to an anonymous address on the bank statement. Safe sex is for everyone and if we can help by making it easier to buy contraceptives, we will do so. And we still do. By making the subject negotiable. And if anything helps to make ‘difficult’ topics discussable, it’s humor! Printed condoms can be pleasant and funny. And of course you can just use those condoms, because quality is always top of mind at Design-Condoms.com. Printed condoms can also help start a conversation.

How does condom foil printing work?

Most condoms found in stores have a logo on the condom foil. The colors of the brand, the logo in the middle and that packaging, of course, you tear open through the serrated edges. Like condom brands that can print foils with their own logo, we can print blank foils with your design. The condoms are from the brands Pasante and EXS and the machines to print the foils are at our facility in the Netherlands. Once we receive your design, we get to work. Receive, print and send. Go to our design tool right away or acquire some inspiration. Will we see your design for printed condoms soon?

Safety first, fun second at Design-Condoms.com

Condoms ensure that you can enjoy yourself safely. The same way it works with condoms, it works with Design-Condoms.com. Quality is essential for us. If we do not support quality, we will not move forward. Therefore we work with the condoms from Pasante and EXS to print the condom foils. The condoms that go into the cardboard wrapper also meet the legally required CE mark and meet with all safety and testing requirements. With condom wrappers, the cardboard condom packs, you can choose from all kinds of different brands of condoms yourself. But of course only the very best and the brands we also offer at Condom-Anoniem.nl. Safety first, fun second. You do not have to worry about the quality of the printed condoms.

We are proud to present some of the companies that have ordered from Design-Condoms.com

Don’t worry. Design-Condoms are packed discreetly. We’ve got you covered.

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