Richard Spooren

We created many beautiful designs for clients worldwide, small and large. We are proud of that, here you can find our showcase! (of course always with the client’s permission)

Miss Sally Lee Tattoos condoms

Miss Sally Lee Tattoo Artist

Miss Sally Lee is owner of Amore Tattoo in South Brisbane (Australia) and she is an award winning tattoo artist! with a love of all

Jesse Vanderhurst condoms

Jesse Vanderhurst Tattoo Artist

Colorful and funny condoms by Jesse Vanderhurst, owner of tattoo studio InkCult in Enfield (Sydney, Australia) specializes in anime and pop culture style tattoos and

VIP condoms

V.I.P. condoms :-)

The Delftsch Studenten Corps is Delft’s oldest student organization, founded in 1848 for students at the Royal Academy, now the Delft University of Technology. For

Dubizeus student condoms

Dubizeus condoms

A dispuut of a Leiden student association with the motto “Dubieus” (Dutch for dubious) is going on a trip to Athens (Greece) and has designed

Freddy Moreira condooms 2022

Freddy Moreira condoms

Freddy Moreira is one of the most-booked Dutch artists due to his explosive live shows, extremely good and fast mixtapes and entertaining DJ sets!