EXS Halloween condoms

Standard EXS condom in a themed package, with roomy top, reservoir and lube. Trick or Treat?


EXS Halloween condoms are standard condoms in round foils. The foils feature two different characteristic images: a hollowed-out illuminated pumpkin face and a dancing skeleton in a graveyard. You will receive 2 different designs per package.

These themed condoms are made of natural rubber latex, have a wider top, a reservoir and a non spermicidal silicone-based lubricant. A wider top gives a finer feel. With a nominal width of 56mm, the condom is already slightly wider than standard condoms, but the top of the condom is even slightly wider. With that, these condoms offer more space for the glans. This gives a looser friction and thus provides more sensitivity.

Halloween is a holiday that falls on Oct. 31. Halloween means “the night before All Saints’ Day. People then commemorate the dead. They often used to go to cemeteries to burn candles for people who had died.

Out of fear or sympathy for deceased family members, people placed something sweet on their doorstep the night before Halloween. They believed that if the spirits found something to eat, they would leave them alone and even bless them. Those who did not place food at the door were cursed.

Are you decorating something other than a pumpkin for Halloween this year? Offer your victim(s) the choice: trick or treat! and give them the choice between a tease (trick) or something “tasty” (treat). These fun Halloween condoms then provide safe protection for that.

The round foils are easy to tear open at the notch in the package so when you are ready for the “treat” you don’t have to be unnecessarily distracted by opening the package.

EXS condoms have no latex odor and offer a naturally safe feeling. Produced to international standards, electronically tested and all products carry the British Kitemark in addition to the familiar CE mark.

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